a hardcore encounter

SOFTCORE – a hardcore encounter

is a dance-lecture that approaches hardcore techno as softcore bodypolitics.

Evolving around hardcore and pornography, camouflage, speed and breaking, the performance questions both the hard and the core in hardcore techno and points to its text(ure) and potential.
The performer dances, speaks, rests, feels, occupies, dances, dances, dances and remains in hardcore.

Concept, choreography and performance:
Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Michael Langeder

Vera Martins

Artistic advice:
Madison Bycroft, Sabine Cmelniski, Nestor Garcia Diaz

Coproduction of CENTRALE FIES within the program of LIVE WORKS PERFORMANCE ACT AWARD, STUK, BUDA and BIT Teatergarasjen With the support of CAMPO, Tanzfabrik, Workspace Brussels and SZENE Salzburg.
Funded by de Vlaamse Overheid and apap – Performing Europe 2020, co-funded by the Creative Programme of the European Union

7 April 2018: CA2M, Madrid (work in progress)

15 June 2018: BUDA, Kortrijk (première)

10-11 October 2018: MDT, Stockholm

18-19 October 2019: BIT teatergarasjen Bergen, Oktoberdans

03 November 2018: Bâtard festival, Brussels

10 November 2018: Bâtard festival, Amsterdam

April 2019: (dates TBC): STUK, Leuven

8-9 Mai 2019: CAMPO, Gent